Charity & Community:
I am often asked to talk to or present at local community and support groups. I receive good feedback that my talks are interesting, informative and  valid to the listener.
Educating the community in this manner has taught me, very few people understand:
  • Role of a celebrant
  • Legalities of marriage 
  • Legal consequences of marriage
  • Relationship education and advice prior to marriage.
  • Changing name, bank accounts, wills etc once married
  • Value of marriage to the community
  • Types of ceremonies offered or
  • Benefit of ceremony to the family and the community at large.
  • Budgeting and cost saving tips when planning a wedding
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  • Honouring our elders
  • Creating a living eulogy
  • Family Tree and lack of family knowledge by our youth.
  • How to have a ceremony in our celebration and keep the costs down.
Sporting Clubs:
IMG 0480I am happy to consider any promotion your committee feels will be beneficial.
If your club house has a function room, i am happy to offer discounts to clients who book my services and your function room. I will also match the discount with a donation to your club.
Promotion of Charity items:
Many organisations sell day to day items, promoting the charity. A portion of the sale then goes to the cause. This is a popular fund raising technique used by the Breast Cancer Society etc.
I am more than happy to promote these items to Brides and Grooms to be used as favors or gifts used at the reception.