Milestone Birthday's:
Milestone Birthdays seem to start at 40, and then every ten years after that. Between 40 and 50 our kids begin to leave home. Mums start menopause and Dads have a mid life crisis.
Honour your loved ones while they are still alive,
well enough to dance and enjoy the party and
young enough to remember.
All my ceremonies are written for the person about the person especially for the celebration. Give me a call and we will discuss your needs and options.
I suggest a this is your life ceremony for birthdays 50 years and above.
All major birthdaysCeremony within a Ceremony
History - The day I was born
The Year I was born
The decade I was born
Changes in technology since year of birth
Songs from that era
Trivia questions about Birthday persons life
Story time from old friends
Favourite songs, books, movies
Shocker clothes and haircuts
Speeches and dedications from family
Hobbies and Interests
Let the celebration be your gift
The above statement is the slogan and motto for the Auustralian Civil Celebrants Association. I strongly agree with this statement and recommend all my clients share in the expense of a brilliant party rather than one person struggling to pay or deciding not to have the celebration at all.
Celebrant costs are relative to the hours of work required to research, prepare and present. The presentation is the quick part. Countless hours of research and preparation may be needed if the family records are missing or incomplete.
e.g If a celebration is to cost $2,000, this equates to $20 a head for 100 people. Doesn't sound too much at all does it.
I also believe we can have a party any day.
A ceremony puts the heart and emotion back into our celebrations.
  • The ceremony gives guests a snapshot into the birthday boy or girls heart, life and past.
  • Guests leave feeling they know that person better and their relationship is closer. 
  • When younger generations here the life story of their elders, they realise they are not that different.
  • A new respect is formed from the hardships and struggles of life back then. 
  • And last but not least a ceremony bonds families by including them in the celebration.
Special Moments live in our hearts