Renewing Your Vows:
Many ask 'Why do couples choose to renew their Wedding Vows'?
Wedding Anniversary
Married overseas - celebrate with family in Aus.
Wedding day was a disaster - recreate
Fresh Start
Refocus on relationship after years dedicated to children
Reconciliation after a seperation
Apologising for a wrong - Adultery
Lost of a wedding ring
Surprise, organised by others.
A renewal of vows is a recreation of a wedding but with no legal standing.
Renewal of vows usually follow the same format as a wedding ceremony.
Your original ceremony wording or vows can be used ifrecently married,
but if renewal occurs years later, most clients prefer a new ceremony reflecting the current relationship and acknowledging acheivments in the marriage - namely children. The ceremony concludes with new direction for the future.
Couples can have heaps of fun with a vow renewal.
You can recontact your original bridal party and  see if the old dress still fits. Or you can do it totally different. Maybe a beach or destination ceremony.
It is best for the celebrant to include an explanation of importance and purpose for the ceremony. This with an explanation there are no legal implications to the ceremony will help your guests get in the swing of the celebration and show their support.
My husband and I renewed our vows, Christmas 2008. We went to Dave's parents for a week at Christmas and unbeknown to me Dave had organised for the celebrant to have a ceremony on Main Beach Surfers Paradise. It was very romantic.
My brother and I organised a surprise renewal of vows for their 25th wedding anniversary, some 14 years ago now. It was in the back yard of my grandfathers house. I organised an arch and chairs. We invited family and friends including the original bridal party. I got 3 out of the 4.
The celebrant arrived 1/2 hour before the ceremony was to start. We surprised them with the news and had a 5 minute meeting with the celebrant.
After changing into the clothes we brought them, Mum and Dad walked own the back stairs, greated by the clapping of the 80 friends and relatives waiting quietly in the backyard. The ceremony was performed and we celebrated with food and drinks. A loveable day was had by all, especially my parents.